Receivables management for major portfolios

Time is money. This also applies to tenancy law. This applies to the operators of shopping centers as well as to landlords of residential properties or of specialist properties, but also to internet-based leasing, for instance of vacation properties.

If a tenant fulfils his obligations under the lease agreement only partially or not at all, time is of essence. Leasing premises is of vital and often crucial importance for every tenant. A tenant’s failure to fulfill obligations almost invariably indicates massive economic problems and considerable payment liabilities, also to third parties.

In addition to insolvency (and its legal blocks on termination along with appeals against insolvency), there is a threat of bankruptcy on the part of the defaulting tenant. Quick action is required, both with regard to legal declarations of intent (e.g., notices of termination) and in respect of forensics (e.g. bringing an action). It is not uncommon for the positions of landlords to be negligently worsened by legally unnecessary dunning runs.

We have the experience and personnel resources to provide you with support in all tenancy law matters of receivables management and process management - also and, in particular, for major portfolios throughout Germany.

The optimization of reminder processes, judicial default action, bringing an action, and the subsequent enforcement in order to expedite matters, which are  indispensable for us, is the key to the effectiveness that you desire in terms of time and money.

We can demonstrate these aspects of receivables management, litigation, and enforcement in many cases on the basis of the statutory fees.

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