Our Notaries: Supporting real estate transactions in a legally compliant manner

Our notaries provide all notarial legal services. The particular expertise of our notaries and notary clerks is the handling of procedures specific to real estate.


The services provided by our notarial department include:

  • Drafting and executing transfer agreements for building plots, commercial real estate, rental house properties, real estate portfolios, residential and part-ownership units, hereditary building rights,
  • Supervising share deals for real estate companies,

  • Drafting declarations of division and community rules for partition projects,

  • Handling individual sales according to the HOA division,

  • Drafting and executing property development contracts incl. Building specifications,

  • Creating partition concepts at large-scale construction sites,

  • Supervising projects in conservation areas (especially community protection areas),

  • Supervising partition projects subject to public law conversion restrictions

We deal intensively with residential property law. Therefore, we are the right contact persons for matters concerning the division of properties according to residential property law.

Our specialist team in the notary's office

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