Public construction law

Before a construction project can be started, various construction law issues must be clarified in cooperation with the authorities. We guide you safely through all the depths of public construction law.

To start a construction project, public law issues first need to be clarified. Questions about the permissibility of a construction project in terms of urban development and planning law must be clarified in advance, as well as its feasibility in terms of building regulations.

We support builders in obtaining planning permission, making changes in use, and including f building encumbrances in the list of encumbrances. Hence, we advise project developers, homeowner associations, and private individuals on the legal issues arising in this area.

We advise and represent you vis-à-vis the authorities in all matters of construction law, especially in appealing against official orders.

Neighborhood law

A subject that arises repeatedly, also in other contexts, is neighborhood law, a legal hybrid area that raises issues both in private and public law. In this area of law, we have developed sound expertise through a large number of legal disputes.

In public neighborhood law we advise and represent builders and neighbors both out of court and in appeal proceedings and legal disputes.

Inextricably linked to this is private neighbor law, which becomes relevant in every major construction project. For instance, if the builder has to underpin the neighboring building, he may only do so if the neighbor agrees. . In these as well as in other cases, in which the builder wants to "use" the neighboring property for his construction project, the conclusion of a neighbor agreement becomes indispensable. For many completed projects in Berlin, these agreements or their basis were penned by us.

We will also be happy to deal with any questions that may arise in connection with new buildings or the addition of new floors with regard to clearance areas, or trouble with  neighbors due to noise and damage to the building.

Neighborhood law also includes issues relating to building encumbrances and easements, common border installations, and much more. You can find out here whether we can also help you with neighborhood law issues.

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