Precise, straightforward, authentic.

Generalists in real estate law have long since served their time. We are a team of specialists, organised in 4 specialist teams. The constant exchange of ideas between all members of staff, and the fact that all of the lawyers complement each other’s specialist knowledge means that we can achieve more than 15 individual lawyers could. The way in which we work together is reflected in the way we work with our clients and business partners. Openness, trust and straightforwardness are the basis for a long-term working relationship and for both your and our success. The WE idea counts!

Building Law & Property Development Law
  • Dr. Petra Sterner
  • Samira Bagaric
  • Christian Hippel
  • Roger Wintzer
  • Ingo Kolms
Area of Responsibility
Property Transfer and Notary
  • Dr. Egbert Kümmel
  • Dr. Sabine Engelhardt
  • Philipp J. Scheerans
Area of Responsibility
Apartment Ownership Law
  • Uwe Wanderer
  • Olaf Linke
  • Peter Hesse
Area of Responsibility
The Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Frank Weißenborn
  • Malte Monjé
  • Jessica Weißenborn
  • Florian Kniffert
  • Thomas Flor
Area of Responsibility

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