Four departments, one objective: best possible solutions in construction law, tenancy law, residential property law, and notarial services, all from one provider.

With 17 highly specialized attorneys-at-law,  including three  notaries, our law firm is an  ideal partner on your side. With our four specialist teams, we advise you comprehensively on  all aspects  of real estate law regarding  of your construction project or real estate project: From construction law and building development law, via residential property  law, all the way  to tenancy law for commercial premises and housing, our specialists are at your disposal.

You are commercially involved in real estate? You build, arrange, manage, purchase or sell real estate on a professional basis and have to solve a legal Gordian knot regarding real estate?

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Focal points in real estate law and beyond

Construction and renovation

We arrange sound architectural and building contracts for residential and commercial real estate renovation projects.

Building obligation in property development contracts

We combine legal know-how in land purchase law, construction law, and residential ownership  law to reach perfect solutions for our clients.

Construction law and architectural law

Planning and building is complex and best with issues. We keep an eye on things for you during planning, construction, acceptance, and warranty.

Preparation and monitoring of lease agreements

We prepare lease agreements for commercial premises and residential property - from negotiation to long-term conclusion.

Receivables management in major portfolios

We manage receivables, processes, and enforcement for lessors of residential properties as well as commercial premises and specialist properties.

Advice for property and asset managers

We provide support for property managers in real estate management and assist asset managers in strategic decision making.

Agency law - experience and flair

In Germany, agency law is hardly codified in law. We have long-erm experience in the enforcement and defense of claims for brokerage fees.

Declarations of division and property development contracts

For instance, we provide support in the division of real estate and prepare property development contracts and building specifications.

Advice for property owners and administrators

We provide advice to homeowner associations, administrators, and individual owners in relation to owners’ resolutions, building bye-laws, structural modifications, etc.

Representation in condominium ownership matters

In more than 100 appeals proceedings per year, administrators and homeowner associations trust our litigation.

Supporting real estate transactions in a legally compliant manner

Our notaries provide all notarial legal services. In particular they handle procedures specific to real estate.

We are pleased with the trust of our clients

WIR network - real estate law know-how for clients throughout Germany

The WIR network is an association of legally independent law firms in real estate law. Three law firms, one focus: Real estate law, tenancy law, residential ownership  law, plus  construction law and building development law.

Represent the interests of the real estate industry? Or do sports and do good?

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