Specialist Teams

Generalists in real estate law have long since served their time. The law continues to develop with increasing speed. Every year, hundreds of new court decisions – and counting – are published. Amendments to laws are coming into force at ever shorter intervals. A single person can no longer have a detailed grasp of the entire field of real estate law. For these reasons, it is essential to create specialist fields within real estate law in order for us to be successful in competition with other legal practices that specialize in real estate. At Wanderer und Partner every lawyer is responsible for a specialist area within his or her team.

The Building Law & Property Development Law
  • Dr. Petra Sterner
  • Samira Bagaric (geb. Fazlic)
  • Christian Hippel
  • Roger Wintzer
  • Ingo Kolms
Area of Responsibility
Property Transfer and Notary
  • Dr. Egbert Kümmel
  • Dr. Sabine Engelhardt
  • Philipp J. Scheerans
Area of Responsibility
Apartment Ownership Law
  • Uwe Wanderer
  • Olaf Linke
  • Peter Hesse
Area of Responsibility
The Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Frank Weißenborn
  • Malte Monjé
  • Jessica Weißenborn
  • Florian Kniffert
  • Thomas Flor
Area of Responsibility

Court work / advice / professional training

The priority in our work is to avoid court proceedings. However, it is only possible to design contracts favourably, to avoid disputes from the outset and to resolve conflicts out of court if one makes an accurate assessment of both the client’s position and the specific legal situation. In order to do this, a lawyer has to know the abstract legal situation, but also has to have practical experience in conducting court cases before the locally responsible judges.

We work as advisers and as court practitioners to an equal extent. Based on more than approximately 3,500 client cases and more than 1,500 court proceedings a year, we know – in our specialist areas – which clauses in a contract can strengthen or weaken the position of our client and which clauses are invalid or will stand up in a court of law.

It is particularly important to us to regularly inform our clients and their employees about new legal developments, to strengthen their knowledge of the law and to help them to avoid mistakes in applying the law. Consequently, we run in-house training sessions and give regular lectures at conferences and seminars.

On the basis of consultancy agreements, we are available to our clients on a daily basis to deal with both their specific and general legal questions.