Advising Property and Asset Managers

We organise regular training for property managers, e.g. in the form of in-house seminars, optimise their contracts and provide them with templates for their daily use. We also provide quick answers by telephone and via email to urgent questions.

At the same time, we provide strategic support to asset managers. At their request, we make use of online tools to speed up reporting processes and save valuable time. In doing so, we find out what our clients want to achieve, and work with them to critically scrutinise – at the interface between asset manager and property manager as well – which data is actually necessary and meaningful for whom. The processing and collation of unnecessary data creates additional work and costs time – a problem which it is important to prevent. Property managers should primarily devote their time to the property itself, its upkeep and the tenants. Asset managers should be able to process and make use of the data that they need in order to make strategic decisions and meaningful adjustments to the course of business.